True Story: Hashem Will Take Me In

by Yossi Katz

There was a yeshiva bachur who had heard that his yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael was soon to close down because it lacked the funding to stay afloat. The bachur decided he wanted to do his part. He approached his Rosh HaYeshiva and asked permission to travel to America to solicit funds and maybe even save the yeshiva.

The Rosh HaYeshiva didn’t think much of his plan, however he figured that he had little to lose. He was sure that the young man would raise at least enough money to cover the trip expenses. He accepted the bachur’s idea.

Sometime later, the bachur returned with a most generous sum of money. The Rosh HaYeshiva was in shock. When he had travelled in the past, he found it most difficult to procure a nice sum of money. The average well-known donor he approached, always had a long line of other Rosh HaYeshivas and the like waiting in line ahead of him.

He asked the bachur, “I know for myself how very difficult it is to raise money, I always feel like a nothing when my turn comes around to ask the philanthropist for a sizable contribution. How do you, a young man have the courage and confidence for this?”

The bachur replied, “Rosh HaYeshiva, I am an orphan. My father and mother both passed away when I was young. I was left alone in the world. My Rabbi gave me encouragement and showed me the pasuk, ‘For my father and my mother have abandoned me, but Hashem will take me in.’ (Tehilim 27:10)

I may not have parents, but since that day, I have known that Hashem will always be at my side. Whenever I need something, I know that I can just turn to Hashem and He has promised to take the role of my loving parents. Although my friends struggle with various things, I always just remind Hashem about what I need. Before I went to America I thought, I don’t have a father around who can help me with his connections. So once again, I turned to Hashem and said, “Abba, please help me out and find me some good people to help save our yeshiva. And of course, as usual, He did the best job possible!”

Hashem is just waiting for us to call out to the loving Father that He is.

As heard from Rabbi Shlomo Farhi

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