True Story: A “Regular Day”

by Yossi Katz

Every day of life is filled with incredible hashgacha. While we don’t always merit to witness this, we can at least believe that Hashem is always watching over us and orchestrating everything. 

Here is a story of just a regular day in my life.

I am the shamash of my shul, and every day after davening I go home and punch in to my day job. This particular day, I knew the ner tamid in the shul would go out if I didn’t quickly light a new one. I wanted to go the mikvah before doing this, especially because I hadn’t had time that particular morning. 

After working a little, I quickly went to the mikvah and returned to the shul. As soon as I arrived, I lit a new ner tamid, and right then and there, the old one flickered out. Then I noticed someone standing in shul. He told me he had been stuck outside, unable to get back into shul. He had gone out to the backyard and then the door suddenly locked on him. Not knowing what to do, as his phone had been left in shul charging, he started to walk around the backyard, talking to Hashem and asking Him to help him find a way back in. 

One of the neighbors looked out of his window and noticed a man walking to and fro in cold weather “talking to someone.” He asked him if he needed any help. The fellow replied, “I am locked out of shul and looking for a way to get back in.” This neighbor’s house was attached to the shul and happened to have a door which accessed the shul.

As he was telling me this story, his chavrusa walked in. Now, there was a new fixture in the shul that I had trouble with; I just couldn’t get it to work. I had called the electrician who originally installed it, but I was still waiting for him to come back and fix it. The fellow who had been trapped outside insisted that his chavrusa, who happened to be an electrician, fiddle with it. After about thirty minutes of work, his chavrusa managed to fix the broken fixture. 

Hashem’s timing is always impeccable. We just have to trust that He knows best, even on a regular day!

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