Watch: Zoom Pre-Purim Event!

by Eliyahu Hecht

Prepare for Purim with Breslov Life

When we think of Purim, we think of celebration and fun, especially for the kids. The Megillah, the meshloach manos and the costumes all leave one with the notion that the day revolves around exchanging pleasantries with neighbors and friends and giving the kids a good time. But is this all there is to Purim?

Our sages teach us that Yom Kippur, (or Yom Kippurim), despite its inherent holiness and importance, is a day “like” Purim, which means that Purim may actually be the holier of the two! Reb Eliyahu Hecht will share the lessons of Rebbe Nachman on the deeper understanding of Purim, how to connect to its essence and most importantly, how to apply the ever-so vital message of Purim to our modern lifestyle.

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